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Make beautiful designs and intricate paper cuts by joining a series of workshops led by paper cutting master Rebecca Loechler. Design and Paper Cutting Level 1 is the first in the series and will teach general cutting techniques and straight cuts.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

5:00 PM

In this 90 minute workshop you will learn basic techniques of cutting. You will cut a template designed by the instructor and go home with a beautiful paper cut. This workshop is a prerequisite for Design and Paper Cutting Level 2 in which you will explore designing and cutting curved shapes.

When you have completed levels one and two, you can join the weekly, two-hour Design for Paper and Laser Cutting Studio. These sessions will focus on a different project or theme each week. These guided sessions will allow you to practice your skills, get you started on a new project or focus on a project you've already started. These will be two hour workshops.

Please note:

To participate in this workshop you will need a paper cutting starter kit. This kit can be purchased for $20 at the first workshop. Please plan to purchase or bring your own materials when you arrive.

Paper Cutting Starter Kit - $20


Cutting mat

Excel Knife

Excel Blades: (15 blades)

Paper (3 sheets)

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