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Lamp Making

Saturday, January 18, 2020

3:00 PM

This Session - Saturdays January 18 and 25 : 10-12:30pm

Alternative Session - 2 Meetings : Thursdays January 30, February 6 : 6:30-9pm

Please note that due to differentiated prices for material choices the class fee does not include materials. Please see below for details on material fees.

In this two session class you will experience the making of a custom designed lamp using laser cutting, wood working, electrical wiring and artistic finishing techniques. Project partners welcome! Additional materials fees apply. Please see details below.

What we will do

- Learn a design program called Inkscape to create a custom design for your lamp shade

- Learn about laser cutting to cut panels for your lamp shade

- Create unique effects for the shade using paint, glass, paper backing and other materials

- Learn basic woodworking while cutting, sanding and finishing a solid wood lamp base

- Learn how to add hardware and wiring to electrify your lamp

Materials Fee

A materials fee will be collected during the workshop and will depend on the selected lamp design and chosen base.

Box shade - $20

Dodecahedron shade - $30

Metal base - $15/$20(large)

Wood base and electrical components

- Maple (small) - $20

- Maple (large) - $30

- Cedar (large) - $30

- Walnut (small or large) - $30

LED Soft Light Bulb - $5

Partners: Come together!

You are welcome to come as a pair and work on one project. Fees apply per lamp and not per person. Please let us know if you will be working with a partner. Also note that you will be working together on one computer for the design portion.

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