Lamp Making Workshop

Design, laser cut and build a lamp using wood, acrylic, paper, fabric or other materials. Learn the basics of designing for the laser cutter, laser operation, wiring and assembling. Additional fee for materials. Under 14 welcome with an adult.

This is a four hour workshop. You will learn the basics of designing and laser cutting, building and wiring a lamp.  A materials fee will be collected during the workshop and will depend on the selected lamp design and chosen base.

Materials Fee

Box shade - $20

Dodecahedron shade - $30

Metal base - $15/$20(large)

Wood base and electrical components

- Walnut (small) - $20

- Maple (small) - $20

- Maple (large) - $30

- Cedar (large) - $35

LED Soft Light Bulb - $5

Partners: Come together!

You are welcome to come as a pair and work on one project. Fees apply per lamp and not per person. Please let us know if you will be working with a partner. Also note that you will be working together on one computer for the design portion.

Completion of the Project

Students in the lamp design class work at different speeds.  Some students tend to be more concentrated on the laser design and some more interested in finishing a lamp. Due to the nature of this workshop as well as varying interests and goals, there is a possibility that the lamp will not be completed within the four hour timeframe. If this is the case, we will make arrangements for you to return to collect the pieces and other materials or to finish the project during Open Making hours.

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