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Hayley Greenberg


Hayley is an engineer and software developer who worked in high-tech for a number of years in the Boston area and overseas before moving into product development with her partner and husband, Manny Cabanas. Two startups later, and with years of experience creating products, business and community from the ground up, she launched The Makery, an educational community space for learning, making, collaborating and incubating in Coolidge Corner. From Architecture to painting, from woodworking to 3D modeling and more, Hayley loves the energizing mix of creativity that happens when people with many different talents and skills come make together and share knowledge. Long-time Brookline residents, Hayley and Manny are the parents of two children that attended Brookline schools, k-12.

Manny Cabanas


Electrical engineer, innovator, tinkerer and entrepreneur, Manny Cabanas is the co-founder of The Makery with business partner and wife, Hayley Greenberg. Manny worked for many years in the automatic semiconductor test industry before branching out into product design and small business development. Manny is happiest when he is tinkering and building and is always thinking of how to make improvements to processes, products and lives. At The Makery, we call him the idea guy, not only for his ideas, but also for solutions. Manny loves to play with wood, electronics, mechanics and all kinds of machines and he loves to learn how things work. Manny is enthusiastic about trying new things and lives by the motto, “How hard can it be?”!




Engineer & Operations Manager

Maddie is a recent mechanical engineering graduate from Cornell with a passion for design and making. While in school, she worked in a startup incubator, where she helped entrepreneurs create physical prototypes using a workshop full of 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC machines. From building her own tree house when she was 17 to opening a laser-cut earrings shop on Etsy, she has applied her enthusiasm for making and engineering to all sorts of projects. At the Makery, she is excited to be teaching both 3D Making & Modeling and Dream House. In her spare time, Maddie is training for a Half Ironman and plays the French horn.


Instagram: @lazedluxjewelry


Audra Keefe

Creative Director

Audra is a graphic designer, painter, and all-around maker of things. Audra graduated from UVM with a BA in Studio Art. She continued her studies at UCLA’s Design Communication Program, where she was recruited to work at the acclaimed Los Angeles graphic design studio–Top Design. Shortly thereafter she partnered in the creation of the award-winning, boutique design firm, Orange Bike Design. She has worked as a commercial artist and graphic designer for notable clients such as The Recording Academy, The Latin Grammy Awards, Toyota, and City of Hope. Audra continues to work as a freelance graphic designer and has recently re-focused her efforts on painting–exhibiting and selling her work locally and nationwide. Audra lives in Brookline with her husband, son, two cats, and a super friendly golden retriever.


Instagram: @audrakeefe_art

Facebook: @AudraHannonKeefeArt


Rebecca Loechler

Director of Youth Education

Rebecca is a self taught papercutting artist, illustrator, and teacher extraordinaire! A Brookline native, Rebecca has been working in the Brookline Public School system for the past 7 years, first teaching enrichment art, then working as a lead teacher in the Pierce School Extended Day Program. Rebecca published her first book in 2017, a coloring book for kids and adults. She has sold and exhibited her artwork worldwide as a member of the Paper Artist Collective, and frequently collaborates with paper companies on marketing their products. Rebecca has been doing program development and instruction at The Makery for the past year and a half, and is thrilled to be teaching the connection between art, tech, and engineering. In her free time, Rebecca is an avid outdoorswoman, who enjoys hiking, rock climbing and more. She is also a musician and singer, and loves to perform.


Instagram: @rebeccaloechlerart

Facebook: @rebeccaloechlerart


Priyam Mukharya

Marketing & Communications Manager

A passionate Marketer, with 6 years of experience contributing to and managing an enterprise's digital ecosystem. She lead the execution of social strategies, created and optimized high value content, managed communities, and built campaigns for some awesome brands like The Voice, L'Oréal etc. She also has 2 years of experience in the hospitality industry, and is known for her bartending skills. She is a self taught artist, photographer & DIYer. She loves to travel and writes her own Travelogues. 

Funny memes makes her laugh, good content makes her happy! 


Instagram: @girlwithacanvas

The Makery Instructors


Nick Anastasia

Nick has always been a tinkerer and a teacher, learning as much as possible and sharing that knowledge with others. Nick has a bachelor's degree in computer science and spent 7 years as a software engineer. He has been involved in the maker community at Artisan's Asylum in Somerville since 2011 and now helps run the bicycle shop there. Nick has built more than 15 custom chopper bicycles in all sorts of bizarre configurations and he regularly commutes on a bike that's over 5 ft tall, is covered in programmable LED lights and has an on board sound system.  Nick is excited about the potential of human powered and alternative energy transportation, especially around the city for short distance trips. When not in the workshop Nick is a certified Parkour instructor and teaches kids of all ages how to better use their bodies to move through space.


Alexander chesebro

Alexander Chesebro is a historical costumer and living history interpreter with a specialization in foundation garments. Alexander has created corsets and stays for living history events and private clients across the U.S., including for performers at The Great Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco. His design process relies on extensive research examining extant garments in both his personal collection and museum archives in order to produce comfortable foundation garments with period correct silhouettes. Alexander also collects and documents historical textiles, specializing in silk brocades and woolens from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. He is thrilled to offer new classes on making foundation garments here in the Boston area.

Instagram: @chesebrounderpinnings



Although Bambi is a trained Analytical Chemist with over twenty years in the biotech pharma industries she has been an avid recycler and conservationist since her childhood days spending time on her grandparents' farm. She learned at a very early age that nothing should go to waste things are perpetually reused.


Her first publication, Eco-Transformations, was blessed to fruition with help from multiple eco-angels.  This journey of upcycled fashion led her to The Makery where she helps those interested in revitalizing their own closets by reworking for their own re-wears.


Anyone can eco-transform and is welcome to join Bambi at The Makery on Saturdays.




Dyllan Nguyen

Dyllan Nguyen is an artist, maker, and teacher based in Boston. His work reflects on experience through whichever media seem most appropriate, exploring ideas that are both universal and personal such as the act of listening, the roles of distraction and play in his own creative practice and daily life, and the development of compassion between individuals and groups.
Over the last several years Dyllan has taught classes and workshops at UMass Boston, MassArt, The Eliot School of Fine and Applied Arts, the ICA, HatchSpace, and at community events throughout the Boston area. He mentors youth in the 3D Design studio at Artists for Humanity in South Boston and volunteers as a youth snow sports coach with Youth Enrichment Services. With Brooke Scibelli, he founded Non Issue Studio in 2016, a creative studio that designs workshops for all ages, creates artworks, and fabricates custom objects in their studios in Jamaica Plain and at the Sculptors Workshop in Allston.
Dyllan holds a BFA from the Studio for Interrelated Media at Massachusetts College of Art & Design and an MFA in Creative Practice from Transart Institute/Plymouth University and has exhibited his work in Boston, New York, Montpelier, and Berlin.

"I believe creating is a way to feel in touch with being human more than it is about the product. Engaging with the world through manipulating materials, images, text, and machines provides me with a sense of agency. It is a non-linear thinking process developed through observation, trial and error, and repetition– draw, write, think, draw, make, review, scrap, write, make, sketch, doubt, sketch, share. One of my favorite aspects of teaching is enabling others to engage with their own world in this way, to create things as they would like them to be."


Ava Reis

Ava has over twenty years of experience acting in film, television, and theatre, and has taught theatre to all age groups. She is a native New Yorker and earned her degrees at New York University and Brooklyn College.


Adeline Thibeault

Adeline is a graduate of UMass Dartmouth with her BFA in Textile Design and Fiber Arts. While in school, Adeline learned and developed a wide range of techniques from papermaking to digital pattern making. Although her main focus lies within fibers she is also a lover of the fine arts, art history, and science. In her spare time Adeline loves to read, go for walks in nature, and continues to create for herself. She is a big advocate for sustainability in the textile industry and works toward sharing that knowledge to advocate for a cleaner safer world.


Instagram: @adelinegracethibeault


Julia chesebro

Julia Chesebro is a hand embroidery artist specializing in botanical subjects and historically-inspired motifs and techniques. In addition to her own art, she collaborates with her husband Alexander Chesebro to create luxuriously embroidered bespoke corsets. Julia also collects vintage sewing materials, especially silk threads, to use in her pieces. You can find her work on Instagram  

Instagram: @chesebroderie


Allie Hernandez Roulet

Allie makes miniatures and jewelry and uses 3D printing for both. Before joining the Makery she did commercial interior design dreaming up miniature golf courses and laser tag arenas for Creative Works in Indianapolis. She has a BA in writing from Johns Hopkins. At home, she loves spending time with her scientist husband and basset hound.  

Instagram: @allieovertherainbow

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