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When you join us for a class you will learn new skills, work on personal projects and apply what you’ve learned to designing, building, and forming the new makerspace at BTC. Build a game table, create a piece of wall art, design an exhibition space or make furniture. All classes culminate in a final student showcase exhibition at the makerspace.


Makery programs at BTC are appropriate for ages 6th grade and up. Class meets for 10 weeks from 3-6pm, excluding holidays. Please bring a snack to class for creative snack breaks.

Textile Design, Sewing & Fashion

6th grade and up. 10 weeks $625

Explore all things textile in this hands-on class. From fashion to interior design, learn about the variety of uses and methods of producing fabric and fiber items. Create one-of-a kind fabric through block printing. Produce your own patterns and learn about fiber construction. Explore weaving and embroidery techniques to create beautiful texture and detailed designs. Dream up your fabric creations and learn the skills to take your ideas from concept to reality.

Instructor: Adeline Thibeault, Fiber Artist

Mondays, 9/23-12/16, 3-6pm-No class on 9/30,10/14, 11/11.

Wednesdays, 9/25-12/11. No class 10/9, 11/27

Environmental & Space Design

6th grade and up. 10 weeks $625

Explore the power and impact of environmental design. Learn about the roles of architecture, landscape design, lighting, and sound in our built and natural environments. Plan, experiment, sketch, and construct prototypes. Add audio/visual components and build skills in sound recording, sound mixing, lighting, and installation. Discover your ability to shape experiences and influence the world around you!

Instructor: José A. Rivera, Artist, Designer

Mondays, 9/23-12/16, 3-6pm-No class 9/30,10/14, 11/11.

Wednesdays, 9/25-12/11, 3-6pm-No class 10/9, 11/27

Metal Working

6th grade and up. 10 weeks $625

Industrial pipes, steampunk gears, metal wire galore! This class will explore the design and production of artistic metal sculptures. Learn about techniques in metal joinery using, soldering, wire wrapping, and rivets. Experiment with found metal objects to imagine and design large scale sculptures. Produce and fabricate custom metal shapes using hammering and forming techniques. Learn to polish, oxidize, and/or add enamel finishes to your pieces to create unique artistic metal statements.

Instructor: Isaac West, Jewelry Maker, Metal Artist

Tuesdays, 9/24-11/26, 3-6pm

Extreme Vehicles

6th grade and up. 10 weeks $625

Life in the fast lane! If you dream of motion and movement, this is the class for you. Learn about different types of vehicles, transportation models, and ideas in sustainable urban mobility. Think outside the box to build a unique pinewood derby racer. Then learn skills to trick out your bike, experiment with motors, and install custom coded electronics. Customize, modify, and create with gears, chains, and moving parts and take it to the street.

Instructor: Nick Anastasia. Engineer, Mechanic, Maker

Tuesdays, 9/24-11/26, 3-6pm

Build It! Wood Shop

6th grade and up. 10 weeks $625

Calling all building and construction enthusiasts! Learn your way around the woodshop, hand tools, power tools, resource management, and safety procedures. Practice planning skills in drafting, design, and production. Design and build fun personal projects and useful household items while learning the finer construction techniques of joinery, assembly, and custom finishing. Build something special to bring home and leave behind something functional and beautiful in your makerspace.

Instructor: Manny Cabanas. Engineer, Builder, Inventor

Thursdays, 9/26-12/5, 3-6pm-No class 11/28

Wearble Tech

6th grade and up. 10 weeks $625

The future of fashion is here! Learn the skills to construct wearable, tech-infused clothing and jewelry. Practice the art of digital fabrication using design software, 3D printing, and laser cutting. Add programmable microcontrollers to create interactive elements in your garments and accessories. Create smart wearables with sensors and electronics. Let your creativity soar and dream up fantastical fashion, cutting edge construction, and trendsetting human-centric design.

Instructor: Madison Dunaway. Artist, Designer

Thursdays, 9/26-12/5, 3-6pm-No class 11/28


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