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HOME SCHOOL Morning Board Game Design Online

Thursday, October 8, 2020

2:00 PM

Rising 6th and up  : 10 weeks : Thursdays 10am-12pm : October 8, 2020 - December 17, 2020

Design and make your own laser-cut, 3D printed and hand-finished board game in this creativity filled program of strategy, plot development, designing, building, and making. The class consists of both computer design as well as hands-on work. Items designed by students will be manufactured on-site at The Makery and delivered to each student’s home. Gamers will learn hand drawing, computer design software, laser cutting, and 3D modeling and printing. Final artistic finishing techniques will bring your game to life! 


  • Learn about the history of board games
  • Investigate how board games operate and are played
  • Examine the process of creating and conceptualizing a board game
  • Develop skills in digital design, hand drawing, and finishing techniques
  • Create a finished board game, complete with a rule book, board, box, and game pieces (cards, characters, game pieces, tokens, dice, etc.)  


  • Inkscape design software*
  • Laser cutter
  • Basic 3D modeling and design
  • 3D printing

REQUIRED and RECOMMENDED AT HOME SUPPLIES: (If you are having trouble locating or acquiring any of these supplies, we are available to help)

  • Pencil and Eraser (required)
  • Access to a printer (required)
  • Paper (required)
  • Calculator (required)
  • Ruler (required)
  • Scissors (required)
  • Paint (could be acrylic, watercolor, or both; you will be painting on wood) (required)
  • Paint Brushes (required)
  • A work surface that you can comfortably create on (required)
  • Weldbond Glue (required)
  • Rubberbands (required)
  • Markers and Colored Pencils (recommended)

Deliveries & Manufacturing

For those particioants that are local to The Makery, we will be popping by with kits, student designed pieces and parts, and fun finishing materials throughout the program. For remote participants you will be receiving surprises in your mailbox or on your front steps!

Note on location of participants: This is a weekly program that can be attended by anyone within the US who can receive a US Postal service delivery within four days from Brookline, MA. Alternatively we can send through your own UPS or FedEx account. If you plan to attend from a remote lacation, please contact us at to discuss logistics for deliveries.

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