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Hayley Greenberg


Hayley is an engineer and software developer who worked in high-tech for a number of years in the Boston area and overseas before moving into product development with her partner and husband, Manny Cabanas. Two startups later, and with years of experience creating products, business and community from the ground up, she launched The Makery, an educational community space for learning, making, collaborating and incubating in Coolidge Corner. From Architecture to painting, from woodworking to 3D modeling and more, Hayley loves the energizing mix of creativity that happens when people with many different talents and skills come make together and share knowledge. Long-time Brookline residents, Hayley and Manny are the parents of two children that attended Brookline schools, k-12.

Manny Cabanas


Electrical engineer, innovator, tinkerer and entrepreneur, Manny Cabanas is the co-founder of The Makery with business partner and wife, Hayley Greenberg. Manny worked for many years in the automatic semiconductor test industry before branching out into product design and small business development. Manny is happiest when he is tinkering and building and is always thinking of how to make improvements to processes, products and lives. At The Makery, we call him the idea guy, not only for his ideas, but also for solutions. Manny loves to play with wood, electronics, mechanics and all kinds of machines and he loves to learn how things work. Manny is enthusiastic about trying new things and lives by the motto, “How hard can it be?”!


Audra Keefe

Audra is a graphic designer, painter, and all-around maker of things. Audra graduated from UVM with a BA in Studio Art. She continued her studies at UCLA’s Design Communication Program, where she was recruited to work at the acclaimed Los Angeles graphic design studio–Top Design. Shortly thereafter she partnered in the creation of the award-winning, boutique design firm, Orange Bike Design. She has worked as a commercial artist and graphic designer for notable clients such as The Recording Academy, The Latin Grammy Awards, Toyota, and City of Hope. Audra continues to work as a freelance graphic designer and has recently re-focused her efforts on painting–exhibiting and selling her work locally and nationwide. Audra lives in Brookline with her husband, son, two cats, and a super friendly golden retriever.


Instagram: @audrakeefe_art

Facebook: @AudraHannonKeefeArt

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