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Botanical Embroidery Part 1: Essential Stitches

Saturday, April 25, 2020

2:00 PM

1 session April 25, 2020 : 10am-1pm 

This class can be taken independently or as a part of the Botanical Embroidery series, by registering for the second class on May 2 - Design for Embroidery

Course Summary 

Learn essential hand embroidery stitches like stem stitch, back stitch, satin stitch, French knots, and more to create this lush botanical design in your choice of colors. You’ll also learn the basics of working with six-strand embroidery floss and tips for transferring designs to fabric. 


What we will do

  • Learn about transferring embroidery designs to fabric
  • Learn tips and tricks for separating six-strand floss, threading your needle, and tying off
  • Stitch a botanical design using six different stitches

Each participant will take home a kit including

  • Cotton fabric with pre-transferred botanical embroidery design
  • A selection of cotton embroidery floss
  • Hand embroidery needles
  • 3” premium wooden embroidery hoop
  • Heat-erasable transfer pen

About the Instructor : Julia Chesebro

Julia Chesebro is a hand embroidery artist specializing in botanical subjects and historically-inspired motifs and techniques. In addition to her own art, she collaborates with her husband Alexander Chesebro to create luxuriously embroidered bespoke corsets. Julia also collects vintage sewing materials, especially silk threads, to use in her pieces. You can find her work on Instagram @chesebroderie

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