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Design for Digital Fabrication for Artists and Makers

Thursday, January 16, 2020

11:30 PM

2 Sessions :January 16 and 23 : 6:30pm-9pm : Beginner : Adult (exceptions at instructor discretion)

Explore the world of digital fabrication and how it can be applied to your creative practice. This workshop is for designers and artists new to graphic design software and digital fabrication.  

What we will do 

-  Create a simple hand drawing that will be digitized and transfered into a free graphic design software called Inkscape 

-  Learn how to use digital drawing and image manipulation tools in Inkscape to enhance and modify your hand art and create a unique design 

-  Move your design from 2D to 3D using a free online 3D modeling tool called TinkerCad 

-  Explore TInkerCad capabilities to further enhance your design 

-  Produce a version of your design using three digital fabrication techniques including;     

  • Laser cutting     
  • 3D printing     
  • CNC carving

 Learn the capabilitites of the machines and how they can be applied to your hands on artistic and making practice

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