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DIY Upcycled Sports Fashion

Sunday, October 20, 2019

3:00 PM

Transform your wears into your game day attire!!  Old T-shirts, worn-out jeans, or other garments can be re-imagined into unique and enviable sportswear. Participants will learn how to machine sew and design custom garments made from a variety of provided fabrics.

Bambi Layne has been recreating and transforming her closet and housewares since her youth. She founded B. Layne Creations in 1999 and artistically refinished furniture before moving into textile transformation. Since 2005 she compiled life stories around the sentimentality of clothing choices into a 300 page workbook of DIY sustainable fashion called Eco-Transformations. Bambi Layne strives to provide an Eco-Transformation Studio in every city focused on sustainability and bringing awareness to the environmental struggles we face with fast fashion.

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