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Embroider a Scene

Thursday, April 2, 2020

10:30 PM

Thursday, April 2, 2020 : 6:30pm-9pm

Create art by combining drawing and thread in this fun, exploratory embroidery class. Draw your indoor botanical scene from your imagination with the help of guided templates. Learn stitching techniques to create a beautiful and artistic design with outlining, shading and embellishments.

Instructor Bio: Adeline Thibeault

Adeline is a graduate of UMass Dartmouth with her BFA in Textile Design and Fiber Arts. While in school, Adeline learned and developed a wide range of techniques from papermaking to digital pattern making. Although her main focus lies within fibers she is also a lover of the fine arts, art history, and science. In her spare time Adeline loves to read, go for walks in nature, and continues to create for herself. She is a big advocate for sustainability in the textile industry and works toward sharing that knowledge to advocate for a cleaner safer world.



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