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End grain cutting boards are beautiful, valuable and timeless. Learn basic woodworking techniques while making this hand-made, artisanal keepsake.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

1:00 PM

Learn basic wood-working and finishing skills while creating a beautiful, hand-made wood cutting board.

This class is designed to instruct students on the basic use of a table saw, router, and hardwood working techniques. The first session will focus on how to choose wood and how to design a pattern for your cutting board. Two post class sessions will be scheduled for smaller groups to finish the cutting boards. The second session will focus on cross cutting, gluing and clamping and the final and third session will include routing, sanding and oiling. Go home with a gorgeous and useful work of art!

Second and third session scheduled times for smaller groups and individuals will be set during the first session.

Important Note!

Materials are not included in the class fee. Cost of materials will vary depending on student's choice of wood. Students may also provide their own wood subject to approval by the instructor.

Expected range of materials cost is $20-$60.

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