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Learn how to design and make a beautiful and intricate layered paper cut to take home. Find out how these designs can be applied to laser cutting and etching in other materials such as wood, fabric and acrylic.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

7:00 PM

In this two hour workshop you will learn the basic techniques of manual paper cutting. You will also learn design techniques for manual and other forms of cutting such as laser cutting.

During the workshop you will manually cut a template designed by the instructor and create a beautiful paper cut.

Please note:

To participate in this workshop you will need a paper cutting starter kit. This kit can be purchased for $20 at the first workshop. Please plan to purchase or bring your own materials when you arrive.

Paper Cutting Starter Kit

Cutting mat

Excel Knife

Excel Blades: (15 blades)

Paper (3 sheets per person)

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