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Introduction to Laser Cutting and Design Online

Thursday, May 7, 2020

10:30 PM

1 Thursday : May 7 , 2020 : 6:30pm-9pm 


Learn the physical process of laser cutting, basic design tools and techniques, and how to produce high-quality laser projects. Practice your new skills by completing a design for a 12x12 plywood cut. Your design will be manufactured and delivered to your home.


What we will do.

- Teach you about how the laser works and give a demonstration

- Introduce Inkscape, an Open Source design tool used to design for the laser

- Review options for cutting, engraving, and how to set power levels and cut speeds

- Discuss various materials that can be used for cutting or engraving

- Talk about how The Makery can be used for your virtual laser cutting and engraving projects

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