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Hear the latest from leaders in the robotics field like JIBO, the first social robot for the home, and SPYCE, the world's first restaurant with a robotic kitchen that cooks meals to order. And join The Makery in supporting The Burning Tigers Robotics Team.
Fun, food, drink, and remarkable robots!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

11:30 PM

Eat, drink and play with robots and hear from these featured speakers.

The Spyce Team

Kale Rogers, as Co-Founder and COO, is responsible for the restaurant experience from shaping the in-store design to guiding the creative direction of Spyce's brand.

Brady Knight, as Co-Founder and Lead Electrical Engineer, ensures that the robotic kitchen’s motors and sensors are working harmoniously with the central computer.

It's all about food at Spyce!

The Jibo Team

Matt Revis, VP Product Management, has spent nearly 20 years years creating AI interfaces for virtual assistants and robots.

Check out Jibo!

The Robotics Team!

Elly-May O'Toole, AP Physics teacher and founder of the Burning Tigers Robotics team and leader since 2006. She has seen the program grow and the kids inspiration and aspirations grow with it.

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