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Explore a variety of materials, techniques, and technologies for creating custom stamps for your studio. Play with laser cut and milled wood, acrylic, and 3D printed materials. Decide what works best for your style and needs and then design a custom, reproducible stamp to take home.

Monday, March 18, 2019

2:00 PM

What we'll do.

- Introduce you to various technologies at The Makery that can be used for stamp making

- Experiment with pre-made stamps and pieces with clay of varying consistencies

- Learn basic digital design and bit-map tracing using Inkscape, a free design program

- Create a design and select a material and/or technology you'd like to use to produce the stamp

The class fee includes $15 of materials and machine time. Depending on the complexity and/or size of the design there may be an extra charge for the final stamp.

Due to time constraints, if stamps can not be produced during the workshop, they will be ready within a week for pickup.

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