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Pink Floyd's timeless classic from 1973 is a milestone in the art of studio recording. Spend an evening with music aficionado, Hayim Kobi, experiencing the album through an audio visual presentation of interviews, anecdotes, stories and listening. Refreshments served!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

12:00 AM

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon - The album that spent the most weeks on the Billboard 200 chart

In an evening dedicated to the album, we will experience it with interviews, stories, anecdotes and insights, and most important – listen to it in full. Newly created video segments will be played, with the music, lyrics and background films that were used during the original tour of the album in 1974.

Hayim Kobi

Hayim Kobi is a local authority on the history of 20th century music, delivering talks about wide-ranging topics from Jazz, Folk and Rock to the great composers and performers of popular music. His talks are rich with audio and video media and focus on the music within its historical context. Hayim is the author of the acclaimed, a music blog with quality articles about songs, albums and musicians from the days when music mattered.

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