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Weaving, Embroidery and Loom Making

Saturday, April 18, 2020

2:00 PM

3 Saturdays, April 18, 25, May 2 : 10am-12:30pm

A unique building and weaving experience. This three-part program will take you through the process of assembling and utilizing a tabletop loom. Learn how to build and set up your loom, design your own patterns, and create a beautiful and artistic weaving.


What we will do

  • Assemble and finish the loom in the woodshop as well as learn about the design and making process to produce the components.
  • Learn the process of warping the loom
  • Learn weaving and embroidery techniques and work on a beautiful woven art piece.
  • Take home the loom and continue working or create something new!

NOTE: For continued opportunities to practice the techniques you are introduced to in this class, attend our Open Fiber Studio on Tuesday evenings. You can bring your loom and keep learning!

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