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Health & Wellness Procedures For Deliveries

  • Staff will wipe down the work surface (a non-porous surface, easier to sanitize) using an EPA approved disinfectant sanitizer. We use Lysol Clean&Fresh Multisurface Cleaner (EPA approved).

  • The staff member preparing the kits will wear a mask and gloves.

  • The staff member will wipe down the wood pieces that are going in the kits and place them on a CLEAN surface.

  • When all pieces have been sanitized, the staff member will insert sanitized pieces into a clean ziplock bag and seal it.

  • The clean ziplock bag will then be placed into a SECOND ziplock bag. This second bag is considered the ‘dirty’ or ‘outer’ bag. The inner bag is considered ‘clean,’ because it is only touching the sanitized pieces and the clean inside of the outer bag. The outer bag is considered ‘dirty’ because it is part of regular handling, and is more likely to be in contact with potential contaminants.

  • The kit will be delivered and placed on the recipient’s doorstep.

  • After the kit is delivered, we recommended that recipients:

    • Wipe down the outer ziplock bag and transfer it to a clean surface.

    • Open the bag carefully with gloves or washed hands.

    • Empty out the clean inside bag onto a sanitized surface.

    • Dispose of the outer bag.

    • Wash hands before handling the inside bag or its contents.

    • Enjoy!

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