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Keep The Makery in Coolidge Corner


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Running a makerspace, arts organization, design shop, or fab lab is a financial challenge whether it is a volunteer-run non-profit, or organized as a private business. COVID-19 has compounded this challenge and we are facing the reality of having to leave our location at Sewall Avenue in Coolidge Corner. In considering the future of our organization, we have decided to reach out to our community before making a final decision. 


So here it is plain and simple.We need to raise $30,000 a year to keep the workshop going. This covers rent, insurance, utilities, and equipment maintenance. If there are enough people or organizations interested in becoming members or donating to keep the lights on and the laser running, we will stay firmly planted in the neighborhood for another year as we work to move beyond the challenges of COVID-19.


Our Target Goals:
$30,000 will fund the physical workshop space and keep The Makery operating on Sewall Avenue for another year.

If we do not meet this target we plan to use the funds to relocate our workshop and continue to offer virtual services;

  • we will continue providing local engineering, design, and making services

  • we will continue offering high-quality educational programs with virtual access to high-tech tools

  • we will maintain charitable works such as our COVID-19 PPE making efforts

In the event that we cannot provide you with the gift as stated above, we will offer to return your pledged funds.

It has been an incredible honor to serve and learn with all of you over the past three years. 
Thank you for reading and thank you for considering the future of The Makery in your community.

 With much appreciation,
Hayley, Manny, and the whole Makery Team


Here is how we would like to thank you for your support.

$50 - $99 
5% off of a Makery class and a huge Thank you!


$100 - $299 
10% off of a Makery class and a humongous Thank you!!

$300 - $499 
A Makery membership for one year*

$500 - $999 
A Makery membership for one year* and a Makery-made Brookline map

$1,000 - $1,499   
A Makery membership for one year* and guided use of our workshop & machinery for a day

Over  $1,500  
This would be amazing - Please contact us


* A Makery membership will give you 10% off all classes and services for a year (not including materials and shipping).

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