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INTERWOVEN: Stories - Share Experiences of Recent Immigrants through their Suitcase Stories

Saturday, September 21, 2019

11:00 PM

STORIES: Join the INNE and listen to stories from recent arrivals Saturday, September 21, 7pm

Suitcase Stories

Listen to the stories of the most recent immigrants and learn about the International Institute of New England's work to support new arrivals.

INTERWOVEN is a 4 day event taking place at The Makery celebrating immigration and cultural diversity. Come hear powerful stories, learn about immigration law, connect with neighbors, and see how you can contribute to a sense of welcome and inclusion in our community.

Interwoven is a collaborative event featuring an exhibit and presentation from the Welcome Blanket organization, an immersive storytelling exhibition Arrival VR, created by Brookline Interactive Group, an informational session presented by Del Olmo Law, an evening of Suitcase Stories presented by the International Institute of New England. The weekend will wrap up with a community making event hosted by The Makery.

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