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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

by Maddie Jacks

Every night at dinner, my family goes through “the numbers”: the daily coronavirus cases in Massachusetts, the US, and the world.

I don’t like those numbers, but what I do love are OUR numbers! Another record-setting day under our collective belt, all thanks to our impressive volunteers, our generous donors, our Crossfit Hosts and owner Alan Smith, Matt Cooney and the Brookline Teen Center, Faith Michaels and Kids Clothing Club, Jeremy Katz and JK Automotive Design, and Susan Kistler and Micah Nelson from Masks for Docs. What a team!

Here are the numbers that count:

What we’ve accomplished so far ...

  • Masks For Docs Shields - 882

  • JK Auto Shields - 11,022

For a grand total of…11,904 SHIELDS!

and just yesterday we made ...

  • 200 Masks For Docs Shields

  • 2800 JK Auto Shields

These shields are all over the Boston area and beyond.

Some Recipients

Brigham and Women's Hospital, Codman Square Health Center, Beth Israel Medical Center, Hebrew Rehab, BIDMC (Lahey), Tufts Medical Center, Peidmont Neuman, Dana Farber, Mount Auburn, Boston University Medical Center, South Shore Hospitals Group, Milton Hospice Of The Good, Shepherd Community Senior Life, Private Home Care Services, St Vincent Hospital/Tenet, Brighton House Skilled Nursing Center, a number of New York City Hospitals, Franciscan Children's, and so many more ...

Nurse practitioners at Mass General Hospital with their new face shields and 100 more in the bags.

"I was contacted by The Makery, JK Automotive designs, and Kids Clothes Club about a week ago. They started the conversation by saying "I heard you're an NP at Mass General Hospital, and we know you are in need of help. Can we donate some PPE to you?" I was shocked. I, of course, was fumbling all over myself with gratitude when they told me they would be donating ONE HUNDRED face shields to the OMFS department. We received our donation yesterday, and we could not be more grateful! Up until now, we were using the very few face shields we had sparingly, and this donation was SO needed! Seeing these companies re-work their technology and skills to make PPE is amazing. 50 of these shields will be used in our clinic for procedures and patient care and 50 of them will go to our inpatient floor for the staff caring and admitted patients with OMFS conditions as well as COVID patients. We can't thank you guys enough for your generosity, you're all amazing!!!" 

 - Cait, NP, Mass General Hospital

We ask ourselves each day if there is still a need and then we receive notes like this. Thank you for all the effort from everyone involved and especially to the essential workers out there taking care of our community, state and country.

You can help by making a donation to The Makery’s COVID-19 Relief Effort, visit our donation page here.

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