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Shields for Educators

Thanks to our amazing volunteers, we assembled 670 shields!

I’m Hannah Krantz, and I’m lucky to be the Makery’s Outreach and Charitable Works Intern this summer. I lead the second round of shield making and donations.

These shields will all be going to educators in the greater Boston Area. I was inspired to direct our donations to educators when I thought about how unsafe and stressed teachers must feel about the upcoming school year. The pandemic has created unpredictable challenges for everyone’s work, but especially for public school teachers and administrators. Many schools have constantly changing plans for online vs in-person learning, and teachers can’t choose to stay home and protect themselves. Every individual teacher and school department I reached out to was extremely grateful and excited for the extra protection of a shield, and it felt great to ease some of their stress and give back to people who give us so much. Specifically, our shields are going to Framingham Public Schools, BEEP, Boston Public Schools, Pierce School, and the special education department at Brookline High School.

Thank you again to our dedicated and kind volunteers! I had so much fun working with everyone, and creating a sense of community during such a distant time. It was inspiring to see how willing and excited people were to volunteer, and so fulfilling to work together.

Thank you also to my wonderful supervisor Hayley for trusting me with this project and helping me along the way. It’s amazing that the Makery utilizes its resources for helping the community in such a creative and important way.

Have a peaceful and safe fall everyone

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