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We did it!

3D printed shield in use

After a little less than one month, our volunteers have achieved the incredible feat of assembling over 32,000 shields! I am proud and grateful for everyone who has come to help us reach this number and to get these shields to our healthcare workers, essential workers, and local businesses who need them.

Here is a list of our recipients this week:

Boston Medical Center

COVID Advocacy Group Of Ma

Gallup Indian Medical Center

Crossfit Coolidge Corner & Bodyscapes

St. Francis Hospital

East Boston Neighborhood Healthcare Association

Father Bill’s Place

Andover Comprehensive Dental Care

Winchester Police Department

Dr. Johanna Klein

Guardian Home Health Care,LLC

Wellesley Endodontics

Spectrum Reach

Andover Optometry

Assembling the final laser cut JK Auto and KCC Shields at Crossfit Coolidge Corner

Thank you!

I want to extend my gratitude to Faith Michaels of Kids Clothes Club, who has played a pivotal role in getting these shields delivered and spreading the word about our work, and Jeremy Katz and his team at JK Automotive Designs, for designing and producing this PPE and always making sure we had what we needed.

I’d also like to thank our wonderful logistics coordinator at Masks For Docs, Susan Kistler, and her partner in crime, Micah Nelson, for their efforts in organizing the making and distribution of our 3D printed shields.

A huge thanks to Crossfit Coolidge Corner and BTC for the continued use of their space and the trust they put in us.

Finally, thank you to our generous community for helping to support this effort. You've kept the lights on, the machines humming, and the materials arriving to continue producing essential PPE.

You have all been fantastic partners, and we could not have done any of this without you. Thank you!!

... more 3D printed shields

Where to next...

While our assembly for JK Auto shields is winding down, we will continue to work with Masks For Docs going forward. We are in the midst of a transition from face shield production to 3D printed N95 respirator production, and we will have more details on this in the weeks to come. We are looking forward to this new project, and are thankful for finding a way to continue out contribution to the fight against COVID-19.

Thanks again to every one of our many volunteers, YOU were the lifeblood of this operation, and I am so happy to have met you all. This has been an unexpected and joyfully fulfilling experience, and I am so blessed to have been able to be a part of it.

Keep smiling,


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