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COVID-19 Efforts: Assembly and Distribution

by Maddie Jacks

We have been working hard over the weekend in collaboration with a fantastic organization called Masks For Docs. Their mission is to set up distributed manufacturing of face shields by coordinating makers who can 3D print and laser cut components with makerspaces who can assemble kits. We can do all three. We were immediately thrilled by the opportunity to work with this organization, as well as all of the makers that they are collecting parts from, but knew that there would be some logistical hurdles before getting the production operation up and running.

However, we received very exciting news today that will make the process far easier: we will be able to use the Brookline Teen Center makerspace to house our face shield assembly line! This will allow us to keep production and assembly separated to reduce contact.

We are so thankful to executive director, Matt Cooney, the BTC staff, and the BTC board for allowing us to use the space.

Our plan for the next couple of days is to ramp up quickly and get ready for production. We have our first order of shield supplies in, the 3D printed parts are on their way, and we are itching to get the space set up and get started.

We are currently working with UMASS through Masks For Docs on distribution but we can also service a direct, local need in our community. Just email us at and we will coordinate with you.

We are still taking material donations, specifically of plastic transparencies, buttonhole elastic, and (new) PLA or PETG filament. If you have a donation, please email us at

We are very thankful for the monetary and material donations we’ve received. It doesn’t feel like such a dark time when so much light is pouring in from our community. If you would like to donate, please visit our Donation page. No amount is too small.

As always, keep smiling.


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