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COVID-19 Efforts: Working Groups

Today, The Makery staff participated in another highly informative meeting with a new initiative called the Mass General Brigham Center for COVID Innovation. We heard from doctors and infectious disease specialists on the front lines about the specifics of what they need and how the maker community can best help them in an organized and efficient manner. The Center is currently forming “working groups” for each type of equipment, as well as groups to validate designs and formulate plans for distribution and coordination with hospitals. As of now, we are looking to be placed in the face shields working group, since we have dedicated the majority of our design efforts to this product so far.

In the meantime, while the Center and working groups are deliberating, we are using our 3D printing resources to produce the three rigid components of the N95 respirator masks according to the Lowell Makes guidelines. We are also working on sourcing the other materials needed for the completed masks now.

Our plan in the coming days is to

1) Continue production of the N95 respirator and make any approved design changes as they become available through the MGB Center for COVID Innovation

2) Participate in the Center’s face shield working group to help finalize a design

3) Stay updated on any other medically approved models of PPE that we can start producing

If you have 3D printing or other manufacturing resources and would like to get involved in this effort, please email You can also make a monetary donation in our top menu bar.

Thank you!

Be safe and keep smiling.

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