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Let's Make a Tiny Table

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

by Allie Hernandez Roulet


The table. So practical! So versatile! Dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, entry tables,

so many tables to choose! A table is a piece of furniture with a raised, level (flat) surface on

which items can be placed. Its tabletop and legs can be made from all different materials.

Tables can be very different in size, shape, and function. Now we’ve got our furniture

thinking juices flowing, let’s make some tiny tables!

What you’ll need:

● Patterned paper

● Wooden or cardboard pieces for tabletop

● Small wooden or cardboard pieces for legs

● Beads for legs

● Hot glue gun

● Glue stick

● Scissors

● Pencil


Step 1

Pick your wooden tabletop and a patterned paper to cover it in. Trace the wooden shape on the paper. Cut out the paper shape and use the glue stick to attach the paper to the wood.

Step 2

Choose your table legs. You can use wood or beads. For this example we used one big square bead. Use the hot glue to attach the legs to the bottom of your tabletop.

Practice safe hot glue gun usage! It’s helpful to put the glue on the wood first and place the

table legs on top.

Step 3

Try experimenting with different shaped table tops and different numbers, heights, and styles for the legs.

Step 4

If you want to hide the wood on the sides of your tabletop, you can wrap it like a present, or cut a skinny strip of paper, the same thickness as the tabletop and wrap it around the edge.

Now you try!

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